UK Unclaimed Shares and Dividends

Trace and Claim Missing Shares and Unclaimed Dividends

Estimates are around £3 billion is owed to UK investors from unclaimed shares and dividends. A wave of corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, share spin-offs and name changes has dramatically increased the amount of lost securities.  On average, between 2% and 5% of a company’s shareholders have either moved from the address to which the company sends correspondence, or have died.

Companies House regulations stipulate that shares may not be cancelled if a holder cannot be traced, shares belong to the registered holder or rightful heir.  Stockholders in companies that merged or were acquired may also be entitled to collect spin-off shares, cash distributions or dividends from the restructuring, even if shares were sold long ago.

To trace unclaimed stock or dividends from a company that may have changed name or is no longer listed on an exchange complete the form below: