Scotland Unclaimed Estates

In Scots law ownerless goods (Bona Vacantia) – including the assets of dissolved companies and the assets of missing persons – fall to the Crown, which is administered by the QLTR. The Office of Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (QLTR) is held by the Crown Agent.

The realised value of such assets is paid by the QLTR into the Scottish Consolidated Fund for use of the Scottish Executive on behalf of the people of Scotland.

► For a current list of unclaimed advertised estates fallen to the Crown in Scotland go to: Estates Fallen to the Crown 

Note:  From 1 January 2008, unclaimed estates will be removed from this list 10 years after the date of death, or 2 years after date of first advertisement in the Edinburgh Gazette, whichever is the later. The QLTR will accept claims only within 10 years of date of death or 2 years after the first advertisement, whichever is the later.

Any blood relative of a person listed below who wishes to claim that person’s estate must apply to the Commissary Department of the Sheriff Court in the area in which the person lived, for appointment as Executor Dative. The Commissary Department will advise on how to obtain Confirmation, and explain the legal duties of an Executor Dative. Once Confirmation is obtained, that document should be forwarded to The QLTR Unit, which will pay out the estate funds to the Executor named in the Confirmation.

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Scotland Unclaimed Estates
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