Halifax / Bank of Scotland Dormant Accounts

HBOS plc was established in 2001 as a result of the merger between Bank of Scotland and Halifax plc.

If had an account with a bank or building society that is now part of Halifax or Bank of Scotland, including: North Brierley Equitable, Alford & District Investment Benefit, Braintree & Bocking, Yarmouth & Gorleston, Hull, Chertsey, Newton, Haydock & Golborne Permanent Benefit, Wakefield, Leeds Permanent, Birmingham Midshires; Union Bank of Scotland Ltd and The British Linen Bank Ltd; contact HBOS to reclaim your funds.

Be prepared to supply the following information: The account holder’s complete name and previous addresses, which institution held the account, and whether you have a passbook or other documentation, such as a statement or cheque book. If you are searching for an unclaimed account for a deceased or incapacitated friend or relative, you must provide proof entitlement, which could include a death certificate, probate, power of attorney, copy of a will or lawyer’s letter regarding a will.

To reclaim shares arising from the Halifax demutualisation in 1997 go to: Halifax Unclaimed Demutualisation Shares.

Halifax / Bank of Scotland Unclaimed Accounts
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