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A building society offers savings accounts and mortgages as its primary business. They are mutual institutions, meaning those with savings accounts or mortgages also enjoy an ownership interest. Note because of this ownership interest and the fact many building societies have recently demutualised, account owners may be entitled to receive a windfall in the form of cash and/or shares.

The BBC reports up to £15bn is held in dormant accounts. An account is considered dormant when a bank or building society loses contact with the account holder for a period of years. Did you or a family member have unclaimed money at a bank or building society that moved, changed its name or closed? Don’t assume that because your branch no longer exists that unclaimed balances are lost forever. Your account may have been transferred to a successor institution.

Over the years hundreds of UK banks and building societies have closed, change name, or merged with other institutions. The Bank & Building Society Account Search Service  offers an online search to determine what became of a bank or building society, and provides contact information for the institution or its successor, as well as a sample letter of enquiry for dormant accounts.

Note that if you are trying to trace lost accounts in Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, Birmingham Midshires, Bradford & Bingley, Bristol & West, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Halifax, Leeds Permanent, National & Provincial, Northern Rock, TSB or Woolwich, you must contact the British Bankers Association.

You can trace missing Ulster savings certificates direct through the Northern Ireland Department of Finance and Personnel. Download a form and contact details at

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